Evolution of Garage Door Technology

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We may tend to take them for granted in this day and age, but the development of modern garage door technologies has gone a long way in keeping homes safe from the elements, protecting personal property, and keeping intruders out of your residence if you are away or otherwise occupied. Learn more about the evolution of garage door technology from the experienced Arizona team at Phillips Overhead below. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule services!


The Old Ways

Traditionally, people tended to keep their vehicles in the same spaces that they kept their horses — carriage houses that featured doors that would swing inwards and outwards. Eventually, outbuildings became popular as car owners started to desire a separate place to store their important belongings.

Sliding Doors

In the distant past, there weren’t many fixtures that you could relate to a modern garage door. Unlike old-school barn doors, newer technology made it so that they aren’t as easily broken into or destroyed as they might have been back then. Even the very early sliding door designs offered more protection for residents and their property.


Private Units

At some point, people started to become even more protective of their property. This was especially true considering the rapid advancement of automotive technology. This led to the installation of private units which were often attached to or right next to their homes so that they could keep a close watch on their possessions.

Modern Mechanics

The most recent advancement in the history of personal garage doors has a lot to do with elements of mechanical tech. Garages could be easily accessed by their owners without needing to exert themselves fully because they have electric openers that can handle the majority of work for them. Additionally, automatic garage door openers made this process even easier when they came about during the 1970s.


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